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A warm welcome to FAIRDEAL CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS BIDHANNAGAR. Safe packing and moving play a very important role in our modern life. Often people need them when they change their locaton. Here a question arises- “Why do people need to change their location?” Bur, the answer is not very difficult. People need relocation when they move their house to a new area. They also need it with the change in their jobs. For business concerns also, relocation is very important.

If a company needs to move its office or workshop to a better location, they need relocation badly. They have to move all the articles from the office to the new location. Moreover, if a company has a rented office, they need to shift the office when the contract is over. Thus both domestic and office relocations are very important in our life.

Clients of Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers Bidhannagar:-

Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers Bidhannagar is a famous and trusted packers and movers in Bidhannagar. We have served many clients here. All are satisfied with our safe and secure packing moving. Packers in Bidhannagar get many calls from the people of Ballygunge and Behala. Relocation company Bidhannagar has many clients at Baguihati and Dalhousie. Many people of Dankuni and Dumdum trust us for shifting their home and offices.

Moreover, we get many jobs from clients from Garia and Golf Green. Besides, Movers in Salt Lake is the only packer which gets most of the packing moving jobs from the people of Salt Lake. Packers in Santoshpur provides nice relocation to the people of Santoshpur. Movers Packers Tollygunge is a popular packer mover for the people of Tollygunge. Packing moving from and to Tollygunge is our common job. We also serve regularly to the people of Haldia. Relocation Company Haldia is a leading packer mover at Haldia. Besides, people of Moulali, Dharmatala, Park Street, Park Circus, Jadavpur, Kalighat, Maidan, Mahatma Gandhi Road, College Street, College Square etc always call us to relocate their goods.

Our Services:-

Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers Bidhannagar is a leading and trusted packing making company in Bidhannagar. Our popular company provides different kinds of packing & moving services in Bidhannagar. Today, Packers and Movers Bidhannagar is well-known for its genuineness and consistency in the packing moving industry in Bidhannagar. Hence, we are suitable for all kind of moving. Our main focus is to offer safe relocation service in Bidhannagar anytime and anywhere. Today everybody wants fast, safe & reliable relocation. So, we move with efficient team of packers and movers in Bidhannagar. Thus we shoulder all the responsibilities of your valuable belongings.

We, Movers and Packers Bidhannagar are reputed for excellent and matchless services. We Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers Bidhannagar relocate your habitat, along with all household goods like kitchen item, furniture, glassware, fridge, air condition, washing machine etc. The movement of these products is certainly attached to emotions, and we, Relocation Company in Bidhannagar feel that. In the field of service, we are simply matchless. Our experts handle all moving services smoothly. So, it becomes a tension-free shifting. We follow some procedure for packing and moving.

Our Superior Services:-

After getting calls from any customer, we send our executive there to inspect. After inspection, our team analyse what type of packing materials are needed for your goods. Then, Packers and Movers packs the products nicely and then moves. Packers Movers in Bidhannagar not only provides packing and moving services but also we offer unloading and unpacking of the goods. Also Movers Packers Bidhannagar provide business relocation. Moving an office is one of the tough tasks Packers and Movers Bidhannagar does. But Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers does it smoothly. Because we use high-quality technology while packing and moving.

packers and movers Bidhannagar

Our shifting company in Bidhannagar not only provides national relocation but also we are expert in international relocation. Also we are a reputed air freight service provider. As we lead logistics industry, we also offer air and ocean freight services. Again we offer customs clearance service, vehicle moving services, storage & warehousing, pet animal moving services, goods insurance services etc. Moreover, "Packers and Movers Bidhannagar" also offer some discount many times.

Areas We Serve :

In Bidhannagar, we have served many customers in their relocation. They liked our safe and smooth packing moving. The people of BC Block, CE Block and BG Block are our regular clients. Whenever they need to shift from one place to another, they remember us for safe and smooth packing moving. They have blind faith in us.

We also have a good number of clients at DB Block, and FC Block. We serve our clients satisfactorily in every move. Moreover, many people from GB Block, BH Block and FA Block call us at their anytime need. Plus, packing moving in the area of IA Block, HB Block, and KB Block are our daily jobs. Moreover, we also provide our services at KC Block, JD Block, BK Block, AK Block and JC Block throughout the year.

The people of Bidhannagar trust us very much as a genuine packer mover. They take our services whenever they need them. We serve with safety and keep our words in timely delivery.


A company does not become famous overnight. As it takes months and even years to get a good position in the field. Plus, there are a lot of things to make a company famous. Honesty is one of them. Honesty is the symbol of a company. Besides, it gives the company a proper identity. People like a company that is honest by nature. Hence, honesty becomes the talk of a town, and the company gets many clients.

A company that keeps its promises can be honest. Plus, the services of the company should be the best. They should make people happy. Otherwise, people should face no loss. The company should save people from any damage. Besides, if the clients face any problem, the company should solve it in no time. Plus, the staff of the company should behave nicely with the clients. They should keep in mind that clients are the real capital of any business.

Besides, we move to make the people pleased. A company should inform all the details to the clients. There should be no hidden chapter. Lastly, a company should upgrade its system from time to time. We aim at clients to give them the best. Packers and Movers Bidhannagar is one such company to satisfy your moving needs. So, we are so popular here.

Speciality of Fairdeal Packers and Movers Bidhannagar:-

Reputed and trusted company.
Vast experience in the field of relocation.
Skilled and expert staff.
Govt. registered brand.
Thousands of satisfied clients.
Scientific warehousing facility.
Best of its kind insurance.
Pocket-friendly charges.
Clean and clear services.
Customer-friendly atmosphere.
Company-owned vehicles for safe moving.
Smooth and safe moving.
All relocation facilities under one roof.
Total tension-free moving.

Packing Moving Charges within Bidhannagar, Kolkata

Move Size Estimated Charges
1 BHK House ShiftingRs. 4000-9000
2 BHK House ShiftingRs. 6500-11000
3 BHK House ShiftingRs. 8000-13000
4 BHK House ShiftingRs. 9000-15000
5 BHK House ShiftingRs. 10000-18000


There are so many packers and movers in Bidhannagar. But people regard us to be the best. We Fairdeal Cargo Packers and Movers are truly the leading packers and movers in Bidhannagar. Today, we are the Relocation Company in Bidhannagar that arranges all relocation swiftly. Fairdeal Cargo is an experienced packing & moving company in Bidhannagar.  Packers and Movers Bidhannagar provides all the matchless moving services as per your needs.

Our company always tries to please the clients. Besides, we provide our services in every part of India. Our all services we provide at very reasonable rate. As the experts of our company maintain their duty with dedication. We “Packers Movers Bidhannagar” offer fully secured door to door relocation services. Our experts are ready to attend customers to serve them nicely. In short, we are a gem in the field of relocation in Bidhannagar.

Our Different Units :-

The Name of Our Units

The Name of Our Units:-

Chandigarh Panchkula
Ludhiana Bathinda
Jalandhar Amritsar
Baguihati Ballygunge
Behala Dalhousie
Dankuni Dum Dum
Garia Golf Green
Haldia Salt Lake
Tollygunge Santoshpur
Rajarhat Kalyani
Bidhannagar New Town
Bardhaman Kolkata

Please Select Your Venue, and CONTACT US and Just Relax! Let Us Move You Smoothly At a Fair Cost Without Any Trouble.

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Packers and Movers Bidhannagar


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